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Welcome to Phoenix! The capital of Arizona. Here you’ll find history, architectural masterpieces, and picture-perfect new construction. In a city of diversity, the housing is no different. Though there are countless stunning pockets throughout the Phoenix Metro, here are my two favorites.

North Central: Love the Arizona weather but wish you had more greenery? North Central is the place for you! Placed “between the 7’s,” North Central spans miles of lush tree-lined roads, custom architecture from all across the united state, and mom and pop shops that redefine modern cuisine. Oh, and did I say you get all this while only 5 minutes away from downtown?

Arcadia: In Greek, Arcadia is often referred to as “A vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature.” Pure Utopia. The small pocket of Arcadia is mere perfection. Between 44th st to 68th and Camelback Road to the Canal, Arcadia is equipped with well-kept homes, large lots, and designer builds. Sleek modern masterpieces, home-felt farmhouses, and elegant homegrown food.

Throughout the community lives well-irrigated and mature landscaping. Prominently featuring orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees as a reminder of the past citrus farmers and those alike who formerly occupied it.

Frequently listed as the top place to live in all of the Phoenix Metro, it comes as no surprise. An ideal location for work and home life. Cultured dining, colorful and lush landscaping, and community-friendly walking, biking, and hiking trails. Much of Phoenix’s biking scene pedals through Arcadia, with Campbell and Lafayette being one of the primary Phoenix cycling corridors.

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